Welcome home!

Ingrid og Frank
Our God is a generous God, and he is welcoming us to his house. Therefor you are always welcome to Betel, which means the House of God. We hope you will enjoy being here!

We are working for people to get to know Jesus – the most positive power of love in the universe. So our vision is to connect people with Jesus. Through the contact with him, everything he is and has become accessible to us. Jesus is at home in Betel, and we wish you’ll feel at home here as well.

Relationships are the purpose of life. Therefor equal worth, generosity and credibility are important values to us. These are important conditions for good and healthy relationships. The service and the café afterwards are meant to be beneficial for relationships between people and between God and people.


Kind regards

Frank and Ingrid Erlandsen

Pastors in Betel