We want to connect people with Jesus

He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.1. John 5:12

The Son is Jesus Christ. The one who is connected to the Son has life. If we are not connected to JESUS, we do not have life either. Everything in life is a question about who and what we are connected to. Jesus is the source of all good things. If we want to have light from an electic lamp, it must happen through a connection to a power source. Therefore we act in faith and connect the lamp to a power source. When we are connected to Jesus we get his life. This is an eternal life. Everything Jesus is and has, is made availible to us when we connect with HIM. His rightousness, wisdom, power, grace, love and truth is given to us. Therefore our vision is to connect people with Jesus.

Through the connection with Jesus, we want to become:

A whole church

We want to have unity within the church, it should not be split up or divided. This has to do with the attitude we have toward one another. We have many departments in our church, but we are united around the mision God has given us all. People from every generation and many nations gather around our vision – to connect people with Jesus.

…with whole people

God have the entire human in focus to help us to be healthy and have a good life.

…for the whole Trondheim

We are glad that Jesus’ church in Trondheim is greater than us in Betel. It is good and healthy for a church to cooperate with the other local churches. We are free-standing, but not independent.

…with the whole Gospel

We believe that the entire Bible is God’s inspired and flawless word. We will not add anything and not take any words away. The message of the Bible stands on its own feet, we are only stewards who proclaim the word. If we edit God’s word and its relevance and validity, we set ourselves above God.

…to the whole world

Jesus makes it very clear that God loves the whole world. Nobody it excluded from HIS love. In Chirst Jesus, God is a hundred percent inclusive God. Everyone who receive Jesus will be saved. Since God loves the entire world, God’s word says that the church shall go into all the world and impart reconsiliation, forgiveness, grace, salvation and restoration for everyone. All of this is ours through the gift Jesus Christ. People from every nation and culture shall be reached with the message about Jesus. Therefore we are a purpose driven church that takes part in mission wherever God opens doors for us. You are invited to join or yearly mission trip “Mission Possible”.

Let us rejoice together in the love of Jesus! See our calendar for the upcoming events