Tentro – The free-church confirmation alternative

Tentro is an alternative confirmation in Betel Trondheim that is open for everyone. It is not required that you are baptized to participate and you do not have to baptize during the confirmation program. Tentro has a clear Christian profile, but we are really happy if you would like to take part even though you do not call yourself a Christian.

The Tentro gatherings

Tentro is a program that takes your everyday life as a teenager as a starting point for talks about faith. We want to give you experiences, let you discover things on your own and give you new impressions. You do not only listen to lectures, but are engaged through participation and activities. We will use movies, hit music, pictures, stories, games and competitions to give you a better understanding of the topics and how they relate to your life.

You will maybe be surprised to see how closely the Bible is connected to your everyday life!

“Through letting them experience and explore, we will help teenagers to see what their mission in life is”


Tentro in Betel

  • Leaders from Betel and Unite are involved as teachers
  • A Tentro gathering lasts for 85 minutes and includes both games, fun and teaching.

The gatherings will be at upstairs at the first floor in Betel.

  • We send out a text message to both the parents and the students before each gathering

What happens throughout the year?

  • It is teaching every second Friday
  • The students take part in some mandatory church meetings, usually youth services that begins right after Tentro.
  • During the year there will be two trips, one to Vassfjellet and one to London – costs and information about the trips will come later.
  • We finish with a festival service on Saturday May 2th 2020 from 11 AM to 12:30 AM in Betel. This is a service where the students actively take part and where we adopt the program to people who don’t normally come to church.

Practical information

  • The course costs 600 NOK that covers course material, licence and membership fee.  The group will be registered as a local Tentro group, so that we get support from the state for each student. Through signing up, you accept this.
  • Registration here

The first gathering for the students are Friday August 23th from 6 PM to 7:15 PM in Betel.


Some of the topics for the Tentro gatherings is:

1. Get to know each other
2. God sends you a snap!
3. Is God on earth?
4. Why did Jesus come?
5. The holy spirit – our helper
6. Prayer – to talk with God
7. The Bible
8. Following – Point of no return
9. Looking at oneself in a mirror – about influence
10. Sex and sweethearts – what has God to do with it?
11. Church – I <3 my church
12. “Pay it forward”
13. A unjust world
14. Your story
15. What’s next?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone +47 92 69 62 60 or email TenTro@beteltrondheim.no if you have questions!