Jubel (“rejoicing”) is our children and junior ministry


Logo made by Christel Hegertun Mortensen. Look here.

Sunday school

At the 11-service, the kids are divided in the following groups: mini-Jubel (2-5 years), maxi-Jubel (1-4 grade) and tweens (5. grade and above).

At the 14-service, there are two groups: mini-Jubel (2-5 years) and maxi-Jubel (1 grade and above).
Enjoy logo

Fridays in uneven week numbers we invite children from 4th to 7th grade to the children club “Enjoy” in the yellow room upstairs in Betel at 6 pm. There the children will listen to creative devotionals and take part in activities like indoor bandy,football, games and drawing. There will also be sale of candy (max 30 NOK) before it ends at 7:30 pm.


Scouting activities

Royal Rangers has gatherings on Wednesdays in even week numbers. It is two groups, one for 2.-6. grade and one for 7. grade and above.

Children services and camps

Family services: The last Sunday in every month the service is specially directed towards children.

Jubel weekends with Jubel celebrations and seminars for children leaders.

Camps During the year we will also have some children camps, often at Laberget in Levanger or at Solhaug in Åsenfjord.

Kindergarten and school

Betel is also running an elementary and secondary school (1-10th grade) Tomasskolen and Småbergan kindergarten. They are both located near the large parks around Festning, which gives the school good opertunities for outdoor activities.