International service in Betel church Trondheim

Pastor Jean og konen

Warm greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and heartily welcome to Betel church Trondheim!

Our hearts are full of joy because we are seeing such a great harvest of souls through our international ministry in Betel church. Betel church’s International ministry started in 1998, out of a vision to impact and equip the many international (expatriate) people in and around Trondheim.

We give thanks to the Lord and those who were there from the very beginning of this good work. Today there are members from more than 30 nations and we are the largest international ministry in Trondheim. More than 200 people usually attend our meetings every Sunday and we are happy to see new faces almost every week.

Together with the International Leadership, we are connecting people with Jesus Christ with purpose: to call men and women to God and preach the message of faith and hope.

Welcome to our services, usually on Sundays at 2.00pm (see calendar).

Your servant in the Lord,
Jean Alidor Mbuebue
International Pastor